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New Year's was awesome, and then I came home and realized that, double awesome, Yuletide reveal happened! So now I guess it's time to fess up.

For my very first Yuletide ever, I wrote two stories:

Title: By Way of Explanation
Fandom: Slings and Arrows
Pairing: Ellen/Geoffrey (with implied Ellen/Oliver, and one-sided Geoffrey/Darren and Geoffrey/Oliver)
Rating: PG
Spoilers?: Up through the end of season one
Word Count: 2,460

Notes: Written for Petra as her Yuletide 2009 gift! When I first got this letter, I was so nervous, because I have read her S&A fic and she is awesome, and it's a pretty tough fandom to write fic for. But her prompt included this line: The way the world falls in love with Geoffrey breaks my heart, and I was instantly inspired to write this: the story of someone else whose heart is broken by it. Seriously, Petra, at the risk of going over-the-top, thank you for writing such an awesome prompt, because it made me love writing this fic for you.

Summary: Pre/early series. Everyone always wants to know what happened with Geoffrey, and Ellen absolutely doesn't want to talk about it. Sorry. But if she did, she might say...

By Way of Explanation


Title: Wizard Muddle
Fandom: Discworld
Pairing: None (gen)
Rating: G
Spoilers?: Minor spoilers for Unseen Academicals, but not really.
Word Count: 1,484

Notes: Written as a treat for [livejournal.com profile] vampirespider. I'm not normally a voracious reader of the wizards books (I love them, but am much more a Death girl), but for some reason I instantly clicked with this prompt, and I had to do something about it. It's short and quite silly, much like I imagine Ponder himself to be.

Summary: Unseen University doesn't *really* need Ponder Stibbons all that much. At least, so Ridcully thinks. But when the University faces the greatest catastrophe of its time, he starts to understand Ponder's true value.

Wizard Muddle


I'm absolutely thrilled by all the positive feedback I've been getting, but most of all, I hope you two (if you're reading this) loved them. Happy Yuletide, and Happy New Year!

(Oh my gosh, and of course thank you again to Grenadine for my lovely gift. I'm still so completely thrilled that someone actually wrote me Community fic! :D)


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