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Fall is here, and while back in New Hampshire that meant beautiful leaves turning and shit like that, here it means there's lots of American TV to carry me through my boredom. Last year, I was too busy to really catch anything new, but between my back injury and packing up to move (I have a gooorgeous new apartment, y'all), I've had nothing to do, so it's basically been NOTHING BUT PREMIERES for me.

Let's see how everything stacks up!

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Meanwhile, I quit The Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy without bothering to watch the premieres. I just... can't seem to drum up the interest in either of them. OTOH, totally going to be catching Once Upon a Time when that comes out. My beloved Cougar Town is pushed to midseason, and I guess so is 30 Rock? :( Mad Men is pushed to FOREVER (seriously, MARCH, WTF). Game Of Thrones and Sirens are both back in April, and Misfits... when the hell is Misfits back, anyway?

So... anyway, I like TV. Let's talk about TV.
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So I just finished A Dance with Dragons, to begin the long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long wait for the next part of the ASOIAF story.

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So I just watched the premiere of Shattered, and it was surprisingly solid! I have to admit, with CKR having played a series of crazy killers, rapists, and Guy Who Dies #1 for the last ten years, I wondered if he could handle an actual good guy role again -- not to mention a lead character, which, you know, he's basically never done at all. Sorry, RayK, you don't count.

But anyway, he pulled it out. Mostly I'm delighted that at least one Due South alum has a current thing that isn't unbelievably embarrassing (Paul Gross, don't think I'm not looking at you. I loved Eastwick, I can't wait for Battleship, but damn).

Actually, what I'm mostly delighted by is the fact that each of the main character's personalities is clearly at least influenced by if not directly based on a previous CKR role. Young Billy Tallent!personality was good, but when he launched into a straight up Leoben speech I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Anyway, I will definitely keep watching. Callum, I support your attempts at a real career and not being a hobo with money in your mattress!

edit Oh, and also, his boss is a black lady with a giant afro who used to be his partner and got promoted. :D Thank you for that one, Canadian TV.
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I watched the Work of Art finale. BLAH. Without spoilers, I don't understand how something that worked out exactly as I hoped it would still managed to be so totally dull. Producers, you let me down.

In other news: not that I don't love all of you who are getting into Inception fandom, but for some reason, my brain's reaction to its existence has been to... get back into Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? I'm not sure what that's about, but now there's randomly a casefic being written. I seriously don't know. Will anyone actually read KKBB casefic? Will it change your answer if I tell you it has a threesome?
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So like, I moved and stuff! To another country! Crazy. I'm not really talking about it here, but if you want a link to the place where I am talking about it, PM me and I'll send the link your way.

Anyway, things are fine and I even have internet at home, HOORAY. Obviously, this is a good time to talk about LOST.

So I didn't really mention it before, but we did, in fact, finish LOST while I was still in the States. And the truth was, I didn't write anything down about it because I was... really, really underwhelmed. By pretty much all of season six, actually. I hated the mysticism faux-religiosity stuff, I hated the sudden reliance on "why?" "BECAUSE" tautologies, I hated the lack of anyone questioning anything and the lack of satisfying answers, I was disgruntled by the extreme emphasis on straight people romance, I was bothered by the inclusion of major plots that went nowhere, I was annoyed by new characters showing up for no reason at the expense of old ones, and actually kind of sad that there wasn't more Titus Welliver. Oh, and as much as I like Allison Janney, that was a really weird casting choice, and kind of brownfacey.

Anyway, as it turns out, at least one person shares almost all my issues, and decided to write a fix-it. Normally I don't like this sort of thing, but this guy(/lady?) pretty much just nails it. LOST: Season Six, done in an emotionally satisfying, non-mumbo-jumbo-y kind of way. I dig.
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So I watched Work of Art, the new Top Chef/Project Runway/etc.-style show from Bravo. And although I'm pretty sure that someone like, say, Geoffrey Tennant would hate it, I like it so far! I'm not sure it would work on any other network, but Bravo's team is so good with this format now that the editing and casting are both razor sharp.

Plus, the "dialogue" is awesome, as evidenced by some of the highlights so far:

Jaclyn: [Judith called me] proud pussy? I find that offensive. I don't know how she would get that from me. [Cut to Jaclyn's self-portrait, in which she's flashing her junk Britney-style at the camera.]

Peregrine LOL: I'm really into lilies right now. Lilies and hermaphrodites.

Peregrine: I took Nicole's clothes off with my eyes, cause she's just a beautiful young lady. [Cut to Peregrine staring creepily at Nicole. O____________O]

Erik: [To nu!Tim Gunn, Simon de Pury] Do you wanna go hit the strip club, since I'm done?

Nao: I'm not responsible for your experience of my work! [LOL INTERROGATING FROM THE WRONG PERSPECTIVE.]

Judge dude whose name I missed: If I can't get off on it, I can't expect to convince somebody else to. [...While talking about Nao's minimalist "some lines and dots idk" painting. What. D:]

So yeah, that was a fun hour. Also, how ridiculously cute is Abdi? Love him.
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So I watched the Community finale! And I feel the need to, IDK, defend it or something.

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I'm guessing the only person who enjoyed that more than I did was [livejournal.com profile] stepliana.

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Missed Community tonight (can't wait to see it on Hulu tomorrow), but did make it to a midnight screening of Iron Man 2!

The non-spoilery verdict: Slightly less awesome than the first one, but still several magnitudes of awesome higher than 99% of other comic book movies. Especially comic book movie sequels.

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