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According to Terry Pratchett, that many exclamation points are the sign of a diseased mind, but I do not care.

So I've been pretty quiet lately! Partly because, as usual, as the year winds to a close, things have been absolutely sucking for me lately. What it is about the holidays and my life, I don't know, but things are always objectively really un-fun around this time of year.

I'm saying this to emphasize was a huge pick-me-up it was to find out that I had three fantastic Yuletide gifts this year! It was a surprise and a delight to read them all. I haven't had a chance to read most of the archive yet, but I did read mine, and of course I had to come and rec them right away:

My 'main' gift, Psychological Factors in Costume Design, is Community, is Troy/Abed with a healthy dose of Jeff thrown in, and is totally awesome. I can't be the only one who absolutely loves that trio, can I? Troy/Abed/Annie warms my heart, but a lot of my favorite throwaway moments on the show are Jeff reluctantly getting involved with Troy and Abed, and this fic does a great job of capturing his mindset when he winds up in the middle of, say, strip poker, or Sesame Street flash mobs. The ending was a sweet, sweet bonus.

And my treats! Swim from the Shallows into the Sea, a Darkangel Trilogy fic, is ACTUAL AERIEL/ERIN do you have any idea how happy that makes me? It is literally the only Aeriel/Erin fic I've ever read, because no one writes Darkangel fic and the few who do don't write Aeriel/Erin, which I find heartbreaking. They're one of my all-time lesbian OTPs. And it's from Erin's POV, even!

Nobody's Pool Boy is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fic centered around my conviction that all KKBB fic requires a lot of Harry being stupid and doing really, really stupid things. Bless this author for delivering in spades. The Harry is great and the narration is spot-on (I have such a love for fic where he meta-comments on his own narration), but what really made this for me was the perfect Gay Perry, with his nitpicking, turning Harry into a fussy Pomeranian, and booming Take Down Evil voice. I could read ten thousand more words of this.

A huge thank you to my writers, especially the ones who took extra time out to write treats. These stories really gave me a boost when one was needed. ♥

I would love nothing more than to spend all day reading other Yuletide fics, but I have to clean a lot today, so expect another rec post... IDK, sometime during the week! Did I hear something about a Sharktopus fic?
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So belatedly, I realize that I was supposed to have done recs before the author reveal, but it actually took me this long to get through all the stories I wanted to read, and I didn't feel like doing more than one recs post. So oh well.

In, I guess, alphabetical order, my favorite Yuletide fics (that I haven't already recced):

11 fics, plus a bonus non-Yuletide: Big Bang Theory, Community, Discworld, District 9, Futurama, Hot Fuzz, Jeeves and Wooster, Modern Family, Slings and Arrows )

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I got an adorable Community fic!

I am so, so happy about this. Jeff/Annie (\o/) told from Britta's POV in a way that not only works completely, but turns Britta into my temporarily-favorite character in exactly the same way that every episode of the series makes a different character my favorite each week. I really felt like it could have been scenes out of an episode, which is my favorite kind of fic in the world. There's even a Troy and Abed tag!

So basically, if you like Jeff/Annie or Jeff+Britta at all, you have no reason not to read this. It's awesome.

I haven't read a whole lot of the other fic yet, but my first instant standout (other than my wonderful gift), in the same vein of "Are you sure Matt Groening didn't write this himself?", is this Futurama fic. I've actually never read a Futurama fic that had the voices this totally down. And, ninjas and cookies in space!

There's also the Some Like It Hot wedding night fic, which I was dying to read last night but couldn't get to load until just now. Genderbent Daphne/Osgood where she's a she and also on top? Um, hello, please sign me up. And even though it's not wild-'n'-zany like the movie, there's definitely funny.

More to come, I'm sure. I'm trying to parcel it out, because I have legitimate things to do today, but-- this is my first Yuletide! And it's awesome so far! I'm so excited. :D
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In the words of my fictional dead bisexual boyfriend, Ted Kord*: BWA HA HA HA. For you comics fans out there: DC Fairy Tales. Konsel and Kara Gret-El, and Booster Goldilocks and the Three Beetles. Love it. As much of a raging Ted fangirl as I am, a hilariously cranky Dan Garrett as Old Beetle is my favorite part.

I have two more Fic Week Fics in theory, but my broken computer still sucks, so I will... possibly post one tomorrow, I guess? I don't know if anyone actually cares about that, but it's fun for me, anyway.

*I have a timeshare with Booster, obviously.
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So unfortunately I'm still feeling a little too sick to go out tonight, so instead I stayed in, caught up on my RP, and reread the single greatest HIMYM fic of all time, Metal Heart. I've read it about a billion times, but until now it was always with a sense of tentative hope -- like, man, I hope Barney/Robin is actually this awesome when it happens!

Instead, I just read it again, and all I could think the time was, God dammit, this was how it was supposed to happen, you bastards!

So basically, I've decided that I'm going to give up and mentally retreat into a fake universe where this is actually canon. I'm still going to watch the show and all, I'm just going to pretend this happened somewhere in there instead of actual Barney/Robin. And any time anyone challenges me on this, I'm just going to say, "Pfft, what show were you watching? Because I was watching the awesome one."


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