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So I spent, like, basically all of today reading ADWD, which was a pretty great life decision, and now I'm about halfway through -- i.e., too far ahead to have any desire to go back and do chapter-by-chapter spoilers. Plus, my impression is that people don't really want that, anyway.

The last post represents the first 125 pages or so, so now you know more or less how the book starts. I think from here it's best to just do some summarizing and Points of Interest of the first half of ADWD:

EASTERN, HO!: Okay, so as I said on the last post, it's clear that while Dany may or may not be coming to Westeros, the Westerosi are definitely starting to come to her. There are at least three POV characters (Tyrion, Quentyn Martell, and another new character, Griff, AKA Jon Connington) going out to Mereen, plus a certain hairy knight making his return...

... and a super awesome mystery character who I'm whitetexting because, I swear to God, this reveal actually did make me go, "Whoa!" out loud. I'm serious, only highlight this next bit if you want a REALLY HUGE SPOILER: RHAEGAR'S SON, THE DRAGON PRINCE AEGON TARGARYEN VI IS ALIVE AND WELL, AND IS READY TO CLAIM HIS THRONE. WHOA.

ALL QUIET ON THE NORTHERN FRONT: Up in the north, Jon has turned into a total hardass of a Lord Commander and does not shy from talking back to King Stannis or even executions like (minor spoiler) Janos Slynt or Mance Rayder, (BIGGER SPOILER) although one of them does not stay dead for long... and I don't mean wights. Bran et al finally find the fucking three-eyed crow and it is creepy as shit. Also, not a character we've met before, for the conspiracy theorists.

Oh, also, Melisandre has a POV, and it's actually pretty cool. A lot of the assumptions I made about her turned out to be wrong! My bad, you freaky witch.

EVERYTHING IS SOUTH TO THE WILDLINGS: Slightly less north, Theon (now the new Reek) is, as promised, a crazy Stockholmed torture victim slave dude, and it is REALLY FUCKING DISTURBING. Seriously, this is one of the creepiest plots in the series to me. I have a million thoughts about it that I want to try to write down once more people have read, but basically, I applaud GRRM for making that fuckhead's storyline as compelling as it is.

Also, conspiracy theorists, be rewarded: Creepy Fuckhead Ramsay Bolton's bride,The fake Arya, is, indeed, Jeyne Poole. Who may or may not have been hidden in a brothel.

To the west, we get a lot of Asha's life being pretty shitty now, as she gets married, loses Deepwood, and I don't know what else yet.

To the east, again be rewarded, Davos isn't dead. At least not yet. It was all a trick! But he's disappeared for a bit since then.

AND IN THE SOUTH... Dorne makes a reappearance at the halfway point-ish, with the Sand Snakes being freed and dispatched to some new roles that will probably shake King's Landing up a little. Not much has happened yet there. Hotah's got a POV again, unfortunately.

OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST: There's still some tantalizing Stark Backstory going on, and yet another possible mom for Jon Snow, about which I remain unconvinced. Also, a HUGE HINT about Jon Snow being Azor Ahai, but I think it's a red herring, or maybe I'm giving GRRM too much credit.

This book has a ton of double crossing and people not being who they say they are, which is making me think twice about some theories I wasn't so sure about before... pretty sure The Sailor's Wife is Tysha, for one thing.

Also, I feel like there are a couple of very, very tiny hints that Dany may wind up being able to give birth after all, but I may be seriously reaching there.

So basically, all the concurrent-with-AFFC stuff has now happened, from what I can tell. The second half of the book looks to be post-AFFC... possibly with some other characters reappearing? I genuinely don't know.


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