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1) I know I'm YEARS late to this party, but I saw Wicked for the first time yesterday and despite my not liking the book very much, the show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. *_* (Actually, I've heard this is how a lot of people who did not like the book much feel, so I guess I should have listened a long time ago. Oops!) One interesting factor is that it was entirely in Japanese, so now I'm listening to the American soundtrack and being like, "Well, this sounds weird." But ugh, I love it, way to go being totally behind on this, self.

2) You guys, I'm not prepared for tonight's/tomorrow's Game of Thrones. I'm just not. How are we down to the last two? D:

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Date: 2011-06-12 11:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sithwitch13.livejournal.com
Re: GoT, I am going to be calling my parents, who have been watching it and have never read it, tonight to see their reaction.

I'm expecting the best.

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Date: 2011-06-13 09:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ncc-gqmf.livejournal.com
Oh man, I can't wait to find out what my dad thinks. This is the first series I've ever successfully gotten him into and it's super-rewarding to get his reactions to the crazy shit.

I, however, am going to be crying ALL OVER the place once this download is finished.


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