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So I'm way behind in the midst of all this crazy IRL business, but today has been a pretty big day in fandom! Let's discuss.

1) THE EMMY NOMINATIONS. Excuse me, Emmy people, but fuck you without lube for eternity. The funny thing is, I now loathe all things Glee, and yet I feel like my feelings are best summed up by Sue Sylvester's (who is the only good thing to come out of that show) "I will buy you a kitten" speech. Seriously, I am so angry. I knew this was going to happen, and yet I am still angry.


Other points of anger: Only one for Parks and Rec, one of the funniest shows on TV? Nothing for Cougar Town (Courtney Cox, at the very least, should have a nom, and ideally Busy Phillips too)? The Office gets nominated for its worst season ever? Michael Sheen doesn't get nominated for being 30 Rock's best guest actor ever?

Ugh. Just ugh. The only things I'm pleased about are the number of Modern Family and Mad Men nods. And sure, Michael Emerson too.

2) JOHNNY WEIR RETIRES TAKES A YEAR OFF (REALLY, JOHNNY?). Seriously, this is a prelude to his actually retiring, right? I said this in ONTD proper, but I honestly don't know what he or anyone else thinks he'd get out of continuing to compete. The USFSA has made it more than clear that they don't support him at all, and the ISU has made it clear that they don't particularly respect him. All of which is pure shit, but sadly still true. He said it himself in the BGJW finale: If he's already done his best and it wasn't good enough, where does he go from there? I feel really bad for him, but I would also hate to see him keep plugging away at competitions and continuing to fail.

I think he's a pretty smart guy and he knows all of this already, though. I wish he'd take the plunge and just admit his amateur career is over. There's plenty for him to do in the real world -- in fact, I think he'll have an easier time making the transition than Evan a lot of other skaters like Evan might. But just rip the bandaid off, man.

Anyway, I do think his retiring taking a year off has interesting implications for the skating community in general, even if we all knew it was coming. For one thing, when is Evan going to make his announcement? And how many people do you think are going to ask him about Johnny's when he does?

But also, there's the question of...

3) DAISUKE. Yes, it's shocking that I want to talk about him, I know. But seriously, I feel a little bad for him. Not because of Johnny, exactly, but let's look at the field for next year: Johnny's gone, Plushenko is suspended (HAHA, SUCK IT), Evan is going to retire any day now, Stéphane is not only retired but on Team Daisuke for which I love him... so who's left?


Seriously, is this not exactly the same as Worlds this year? Which is not a great field for a top-level skater who wants to actually, you know, prove himself against people who aren't Brian Joubert and Patrick Chan (LOL). Especially not one who specifically said he wanted to go for Worlds again next season because he was so dissatisfied with the competition this year.

I mean, yes, there are plenty of awesome up-and-comings (HI ADAM, HI YUZURU, HI DENIS, ETC.), but are any of them really ready to kick ass this year? I kind of hope, so for his sake. Otherwise... seriously, PChan. And as much as I want to see Dai with two Worlds golds, that's just a little bit depressing.

Anyway, 4) WORLD OF WARCRAFT can suck it, too. I downloaded it onto my new computer, and was going to sign up for an account once I got settled in, but straight-up fuck that noise. I was so excited to play with [livejournal.com profile] disharmonia et al, too. :( Sorry, bb. Blizzard ain't getting a dime out of me.

Jesus, could you imagine if, like, ONTD required your real name before posting? Horrors.

There's a lot of other stuff I've been meaning to talk about, like how we finished LOST and how the Karate Kid was fucking awesome and how everything about The Last Airbender makes me want to weep blood, but that can all wait for a later date.

In the meantime, um... Work of Art is seriously the best new reality show around and you should all watch it, there's a Community marathon on NBC tonight and you should all watch it, and Mad Men is coming back ON THE DAY I LEAVE THE COUNTRY sob. But you should all watch it anyway.
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