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It was requested on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_asoiaf that I post spoilers for ADWD, since I'm apparently the first member to get their copy. So as not to clutter up the comm or accidentally ruin anything for anyone by accident, I'm putting it all here.

I guess this is also sort of doubling as my commentary.


I will update this post as I read. Exciting!

PROLOGUE: Is Varamyr, the skinchanger wildling dude! It's kind of long but the important information is THE OTHERS/WIGHTS ARE MOVING SOUTH, Y'ALL.

Tyrion gets the first POV! He's drunk and going to Pentos to meet Illyrio. WHO IS SENDING HIM ON TO DANY, OMG, SO EXCITED.

The second POV is Dany, which is exactly the chapter that was published at the end of AFFC: she's ruling in Mereen, Drogon killed a baby. D:

Jon has, actually, one of my favorite Jon chapters so far -- someone in _asoiaf once commented that the problem with Jon is that a lot of things happen to him, rather than him doing things. He does things now! He bitches Stannis out, it's pretty cool. Actually, I'm starting to suspect that all of Jon's plot before was just to get him here, to be Lord Commander.

BRAN CHAPTER OMG. We still don't know who Coldhands is, grr. Also, the prologue was more relevant than I thought, because dead-ish!Varamyr shows up as a wolf and fights Summer. SUMMER PEES ON HIM, IT RULES.

Tyrion's next chapter is suuuuuper long and expositiony (no sex), but it has some juicy tidbits about Varys and Illyrio, and that Tywin and Aerys were maybe friends once (Tywin had a friend?). ALSO THAT VISERYS TRIED TO HAVE SEX WITH DANY BEFORE HER WEDDING. AUGH.

The first new POV is Quentyn Martell, which actually doesn't surprise me at all. Quentyn is ALSO trying to get to Dany, so apparently GRRM finally got sick of everyone being sick of Dany having no connection to anyone and is moving a lot of the action to Essos!

The next Jon chapter is largely a mirror image of the Sam/Jon chapter in AFFC, so it's kind of weird. Jon definitely has gotten pretty hardcore, though.

Tyrion 3 (I'm going to start doing Tower of the Hand numbers, I think): This is sort of turning into Tyrion Goes Camping, but I like Tyrion enough to be cool with it. Also, possible interesting Mystery Character?

DAVOS 1: MAN I HOPE THIS DUDE DOESN'T ACTUALLY DIE IN THIS BOOK. So far, so good. Salla is being a hater. Also, another red herring possible mother for Jon Snow, out of nowhere!

Jon 3: This is actually Major Spoilery enough that I'm going to whitetext it: Goodbye, Mance Rayder, you were a pretty cool dude with some good ideas. :( Meanwhile, I keep saying this, I realize, but Jon is just getting colder and colder. Damn.

Dany 2: Lots of Mereen politics. I think some of this is just sort of biding time until the rest of the cast shows up. Also, we find out what happened to the dragons after they, you know, started eating people.

"Reek" 1: HOLY FUCKING SHIT. This was one of the most disturbing chapters in the ENTIRE SERIES for me, I'm not even kidding. I literally shivered at the end. I have a lot of feelings about this storyline already and it has only just started.

BRAN 3: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Holy balls, it's the three-eyed crow, and he's REALLY FUCKING SCARY. Also, the wights are kind of like Rage Zombieing it up in this chapter. This book is getting seriously intense. My face right now is like :O, for real.

Tyrion 4, Davos 2, Dany 3: Nothing much happens, here. I mean, it's all sort of necessary Plot Progression stuff. A nice break after the total lunacy of the last few, though. Also, the return of Sassy Gay Friend Xaro Xhoan Daxos!

Aaand I am stopping for now. I have to say, this book is like... a million times better than AFFC, so far. Not quite up there with ASOS, but there's a lot of action and the plot is generally moving forward and it's not too bogged down in "people I could not give less of a shit about." Points, GRRM, I was worried!
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