Jun. 19th, 2011

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So I saw X-Men: First Class, and ultimately I wound up feeling, about it, the way I feel about the actual X-Men comics: I hated about half of it (the Shaw/war plot, the totally nonsensical 'age of the atom' crap, stupid deaths, clunky writing) and loved about half of it (virtually everything involving the kids, mutant politics, intra-team clashes, etc.).

Actually, that shakes out to almost exactly the things I love and hate about the comics, too, which I guess makes it a pretty great adaptation.

But I used to be hugely into X-Men, so it feels kind of cool to feel that little spark of interest in it again. If the movie had had Nightcrawler instead of his crappy dad (and I don't mean Mystique, ALTHOUGH I SHOULD) I would basically be unable to stop myself from being all the fuck over it right now. As it is, I am still pretty sure I will be happy to read all the fic ever.

I know there's a kinkmeme, but is there anything else? I have to admit, I don't love kinkmemes for fandoms I actually want to get involved with instead of just browsing around in.

I mean, I guess I could just get back into X-Men fandom, but since that involves A: reading comics from a hundred million thousand miles away and B: currently, a world without Kurt some of my favorite cha-- oh, let's face it, I'm talking about Kurt. Anyway, comics piss me off too much, so nah.

Also: has anyone written Sean/Hank yet? IDEK, but I saw it and I'd read it. Or even Charles/Hank, if Charles can stop mooning over Erik for two seconds. POSSIBLY EVEN CHARLES/HANK THAT INVOLVES COMPLICATED FEELINGS ABOUT ERIK AND MYSTIQUE.

Aw, what up, X-Men. ♥


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