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So this journal is kind of defunct these days, but I just realized that a fair amount of people who are friends with me here aren't Facebook friends, or don't check Facebook often, and I should probably put something here too just to, IDK, get it out there.

Early yesterday morning, there was a massive (accidental!) fire in my apartment here in Japan. I'm okay. I'm in the hospital for very minor burns and smoke inhalation, but the doctor's already told me that if I wanted to go home, I could have even done so yesterday... if I had a home to go to. (No, really, he actually said that. What a winner.) My apartment is completely destroyed, and 98% of my stuff is gone. I'm currently homeless in Japan, which is like a hipster's dream come true.

The good news: Again, I'm fine. I'm staying in the hospital for one more night, mostly for stress and exhaustion. When I get out, I have several options for temporary housing, and everyone here is being absolutely amazing to me. In less than two days I've already gotten several donations from friends and been promised clothes and even furniture when I find a new place to live. I have my wallet and my passport and my phone (and even a laptop and mobile internet!), and enough money to see me through in the short term, especially with the support I've been getting.

The bad news: I have no idea when, or even if, I'll have a new permanent place to live, plus I obviously have no address. Renting a new apartment here is super hard and expensive for foreigners as it is, and any new place is likely to make me pay a massive amount in key money and security, if they let me rent at all. I also don't know what the insurance situation was at my apartment and don't know if I'm going to have to pay, or how much. I have no clothes except what people have given me and... well, I basically have nothing except what I listed above. So that all just really sucks.

I'm really lucky in a lot of ways, and I'm really grateful for them. The fire started not only in my bedroom but in my bed (it was a blanket that caught fire), so it's absolutely a miracle that I'm alive and unhurt. It's amazing that I live in a country that takes care of its people as much as this one does. Even the hospital food is pretty good! I think we should all try to be grateful and relieved as much as possible, and be exceptionally thankful that no one else was hurt or even, hopefully, displaced for more than a couple of days.

Obviously, what little online activity I have is sort of going to screech to a halt for the time being. I had to default on Yuletide and hiatus on my RPs. (Oh, hey, I should probably freeze my WoW account...) But like I said, I do have internet, so you can message/email/IM me any time. ♥


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