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(Pre-post disclaimer: I took way too much medication this morning and now I am super loopy. This post MAY NOT MAKE MUCH SENSE.)


Hey guys.

So like I said, I don't talk about my personal life much here, preferring vastly to stick to TV ramblings, but...

Well, without getting too far into it, I've been having some health problems for the past month or so (what else is new~) and it's looking like they may be starting to get more serious. Like, into the very slightly scary level of serious.

This, combined with living in a foreign country, combined with feeling humiliated every time someone laughs at me for having old lady problems (it's a slipped/herniated disc, okay, apparently this is hilarious to my coworkers), combined with my general sense of feeling immensely trapped and isolated here, is really getting me right the fuck down.

I don't really want to have in-depth conversations about how I feel about all this or whatever, because honestly, I have Feelings about my health and they would take up many many pages. I just need to get it out there that I feel absolutely terrible right now.

But actually, what I want is to ask for this to be the HAPPY-ASS AWESOME FUN TME COMMENT SECTION to my DEPRESSING, WHINY-ASS, EMBARRASSING post. So please: in the comments, post whatever has made you the most happy lately. Fic, pics, memes, inside jokes, videos/songs (although I can't access them at work, which is where I'm at, lingering while I wait to get to my doctor's appointment). WHATEVER. Help me out, friendslist.


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